PTA Introduction 


I am Chris Grocott and I am the chairman of the St. Johns RC Primary school PTA. I live in Whalley Range with my partner Genny and our three kids: Logan who is in Year 3 and Galla and Byron who are both in Year 1.

I am hoping to make the PTA more inclusive and a body that not only raises funds for the school but also organises some really fun events, whether these are daytime family events or evening adult events, they will all aimed at giving us all a bit of fun and helping us all get to know one another.

It has been said that: “all parents are in the PTA … is just a matter of how much they choose to get involved”. The PTA is not a clique and everyone is welcome….it is up to you how much or how little you wish to do.

If you are interested or even a little bit curious then please just turn up and/or have a chat with any one of us to find out how to be involved.  We have some fun events coming up and also our major challenge for the years ahead will be the development of Learning Land which will benefit the kids in the school enormously.

Learning Land is a project that is starting to take shape and if you wish to take part in this exciting initiative to brighten up and improve the school grounds and environment then please get in touch.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


PTA Committee Members 2018/19 


Committee Role 


Contact Details 


Chris Grocott 


Vice Chair 

Elena Zelenkova 



Lisa Clennell 

Helen Taylor 


Vice Secretary 

Lisa Gibson 



Eimear Brownhill 

Annie Lazenby 


Charity Development Officer 

Siobhan Casey 



Sarah Kennedy 



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