Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy me hearties!

What a swashbuckling day we all had in key Stage One! We came to school as our normal selves and as the day went on, we turned into scurvy pirates with pirate names, treasure maps, parrots, swords and pirate flags to sail the seven seas!

A big thank you to all the children…

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Y1 Muti-Sports

Y1AOC made the most of the warm weather! During a PE lesson, children built on their previous learning of Fundamental Movement Skills by using sporting equipment to strike, jump and throw - resulting in some amazing games being made up by our mini athletes!

Well Done Y1!


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KS1Golden Jumpers

A look back at last terms hardest workers! Well done Children

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Y1 Handa's Surprise

Year 1 have been studying the wonderful story, 'Handa's Surprise'.  A short story of glorious images from an African village, that conveys the sights, smells and colours of the landscape, its animals and its food, told as much through pictures as through words. 

The children decided to put…

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Y1 Problem Solving


Year 1 has been solving division problems by grouping. Using techniques learnt in Singapore Maths lessons, children make mathematical problems as visual as possible, then discuss and investigate solutions using appropriate resources! 

Great Job!

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Reception and Y1....

...throwing their weight around!

These sessions appear to be just good fun, but are the precursor for developing all the amazing athletes we have in KS2.

By kicking, crawling, jumping, throwing, running and such, children are developing fundamental movement skills. These help the children…

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St.John's Easter Eggstravaganza 2017

What a term it's been! It's been extensive, but there's been some amazing learning! Highlights have included: another successful Nigran Exchange, taking part in the Winter Games,our annual residential to Robin Wood and World Book Day - to name a few!

As a celebration of the hard work, children…

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World Book Day

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KS1 Golden Jumpers Spring

After a mammoth term of hard work, it's only fair that we revisit all the children that contributed to the success and achievements of KS1 during the Spring Term! Well Done, everyone!


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Y1 Visit...

...Longford park! Year 1 is studying plants and flowers for their science topic. In the park, bark and leave were studied to find out different properties, such as if trees were deciduous or evergreen! 

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Y1 MMcK Class Assembly

A wonderful assembly on how much Y1MMcK love their Mummies!


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1AOC Assembly

Last week, Y1AOC performed a lovely assembly, on the meaning of Lent. The Children told us all about the promises they had made and all the little extra things they are going to do through Lent!


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Year One's Trash is Another's Treasure

Year 1AOC have been working hard on identifying properties of materials.

This new knowledge has been used to help design and build models out of...rubbish!!


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Singapore Maths in Action!

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Year 1 Blog

Welcome Back

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Year 1 Homework

From next week 2, the children will be receiving a phonics-based homework every Monday.  We would like the children to bring their homework book back into school on the following Thursday. We will always explain the homework to the children and include a written explanation for parents. If you do…

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Year 1 Explorers


This week, the children in Year 1 have been learning all about the counties and cities in Great Britain!

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Our first fun filled theme day will be very soon! Please read the letter (also sent by email) about what is happening.

Pirate day

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