Y2 Quids In

Year 2 have been getting hands on! It's always great to make maths real life, and there is no better way than with money! 

Unfortunately, the only money in school is plastic.  However, it's a great way for the children to visualise, break down and understand the value of different coins and…

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Y1 Problem Solving


Year 1 has been solving division problems by grouping. Using techniques learnt in Singapore Maths lessons, children make mathematical problems as visual as possible, then discuss and investigate solutions using appropriate resources! 

Great Job!

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Maths Week!

Our Nursery children took part in lots of maths activities this week, including practicing number formation, matching  numbers to quantities and playing number games. Take a look at our photos!

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Singapore Maths in Action!

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Singapore Maths on the Playground !

Using chalk, the children have been practising their methods and understanding of inverse equations, number lines and times tables  – taken from Singapore maths lessons! Well Done Children!!

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