Hello from the Year 4 Digital Leader Team.

We have been working hard all year to encourage our school community to gain an interest in computing and use technology safely.

We would like to share this excellent review with our parents / carers as we feel you could encourage your children to use this web-site at home.

It was written by 2 of the team.

We are hosting the Digital Leader School seminar today and will update you shortly with photos from this wonderful event.

We hope you enjoy our review.

The Digital Leader Team. 



A web-site Review – Typing Club.com



What is this web-site for?

We thought it would be good to do a review on this website as it is a FREE website package that allows you to learn to type quickly (without looking at the keyboard) for free.


Who would like to use this web-site?

If you want to be a writer it might be good to learn how to type quickly. Also, you would be able to edit and make changes to your writing to make it better. This would make writing your book quicker.

Maybe when you go to High School you will need to know how to type up your projects and homework. Some High Schools want you to work on a laptop.

We had a discussion and realised that everybody including ourselves need to know how to type quickly. Nearly everybody uses the computer or an iPad with a keyboard in order to do their job and share their work and message each other to communicate with each other.

People who struggle to hold a pencil and write properly would also benefit from learning how to type.


What was good about this web-site? What features did you like and why?

Simple. Quick to start. Not any animations or games just straight down to learning how to type. Had a really good video to introduce you. It showed you where to put your fingers to start. It gave you two easy letters to start with and a rhythm to help you learn quickly without looking at your fingers. You had a rule ‘Not to look at the keyboard’. I found it a challenge but I could do it straight away and I learnt something straight away and it was fun!

I thought I did really well and could move onto the next task. But I did not get the accuracy score I needed and had to repeat the test to get better before moving on to the next level. This is a good thing because it give you a score and it shows you what you need to improve on before you can move on. It teaches you the basics first. At the end of the test it also gives you a clear goal that you have to work towards speed and accuracy.


What didn’t you like about this web-site?

It has adverts which can distract you whilst you are trying to learn. But it doesn’t have adverts while you are doing the task, only when it shows your score. We tried to switch the adverts off but you have to type in your name and e-mail address and other details. We wouldn’t like to do this because this will be giving out our personal details when we don’t need to. This might be unsafe. I would still use this web-site because it does give you the option. When you press the key it gives a type-writer sound which can distract you. However you can switch the sound off.


 What improvements do you think could be made to make it better?

It could maybe show the letters a bit bigger. Also at the end of a line you don’t know whether you should hit the space bar or not. This could ruin your score. If they put a box around the space that would make it better.

No adverts would make it better.

It would be good if you could choose a sound or none when you press the keys.



It’s a better web-site to learn how to type than just going on Google and watching YouTube videos of people typing. They often do it too fast and you haven’t learnt how to type yet. This web-site is better because you can go at your own pace and build your pace up. If you wanted to do all the levels you would have to ask a grown-up to put their details in. I think my parents would approve because it’s free and it’s safe and it’s learning how to type not playing a game – it’s learning… and it’s fun!


Enjoy computing!

The Digital Leader Team