St. John’s Equality Objectives:


To encourage girls to consider non-stereotypical options.

To increase understanding between religious groups.

To promote inclusiveness across all social groups.


The above objectives represent our school’s priorities and are the outcome of a careful review and analysis of data and other information. They also take into account national and local priorities and issues.

How we have developed our objectives:-

  • Our objectives are based on consultation we have conducted with staff, children, governors and parents and carers and evidence we have collected and published,

  • Our objectives are specific and measurable – they meet the school’s needs and are achievable,

  • The objectives are integrated into our school improvement plan,

  • We will publish our objectives on the school website,

  • We will report annually to the governing body on progress towards achieving our objectives.

  • In the future, evidence will be published on the school website of the steps being taken and the progress towards meeting these objectives,

  • Evidence of steps taken and progress made towards meeting past objectives will also be published,

  • Our objectives will be reviewed annually and will be updated at least every four years.



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