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Poetry Workshop!!

This Morning, poet, Matt Goodfellow, worked with the children in KS2 to produce and recite some very funny poems using different children’s different experiences and brilliant imaginations!

(alternative link to video can be found here)

Year 5 Ancient Greek Activity Afternoon

Year 5 celebrated their Topic, Ancient Greece, with an afternoon of exciting activities!

St. John’s Gymnasts at Manchester Schools’ PE Conference

Job Opportunity at St.John’s


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Google Expeditions VR Experience

Last Friday, some of the KS2 children spent the afternoon on a exciting adventure around the world. Did they have to leave the school? No, they did not!

This was thanks to the fantastic people at google, who came in to demonstrate their new app, Google Expeditions. The app uses 360 degree photography and headsets to emerge the user in a new environment. The children visited the Amazon, Antartica, went on a underwater safari and even managed to visit the moon, all before 3.30!

It was a great experience for all and sparked some fantastic discussions about how we are looking after and what the future is of our planet!

A huge thanks to the Google Expeditions team and Mrs Cadoo, who made the afternoon possible.

School Open Evening Success!

Last night, we opened our doors to parents and carers! They explored their children’s learning environments and looked at how their progressing in English and Numeracy. The school looked AMAZING and there was a fantastic atmosphere through out each classroom!

It was also a great celebration, for all staff – who put in the effort to make the school, class rooms and halls look fantastic all year round! Well Done Team St. John’s!!

Macmillian Coffee Morning

The first PTA coffee morning of the school year took place this morning, in Aid of The Macmillan Cancer Trust. The event saw a great turnout, with cakes, clothes and a good time all being snapped up!!

Just look at those cakes!!


A huge thanks to all involved!


Outstanding First Round From Our Year 5 Footballers

Yesterday our year 5 footballers really made us proud with an outstanding display of skill, teamwork and determination. In one of the best year 5 games ever seen, the boys held tough opposition to a draw in their first game and then went on to win the next two games 5-0 and 4-0.

The fixtures are the beginning of the year 5 campaign to make it to the level 3 summer games in 2017 as Manchester champions. It was a fabulous start to this and the future looks bright for this promising group of boys!

Well done!


Year 3 Ancient Rome Topic Work

Year 3, who have been studying the Romans, have designed their own coats of arms. These designs would have been printed on shields, representing the different  families in battle!



Friday sees our wonderful assembly of celebration where we congratulate the children for their amazing hard work and effort. The children join us on the ‘bench of brilliance’ for rounds of applause and a photo which we then share on our blog. Come and see each week the smiling faces of our certificate winners and golden jumpers – this weeks were thoroughly well deserved!


img_1899 img_1908 img_1911 img_1910 img_1909 img_1907 img_1905

Year 6 Highway Man Recital

Year 4 St.Francis of Assisi Assembly

Year 1 Wonka Factory!

Year 1 have been reading Wille Wonka and The Chocolate factory, so they decided to set up their own chocolate factory !!

Wonka Factory! on PhotoPeach

Trafford Wheelers!

A group of children and staff, took a trip down to Longford Park Stadium this morning, to a Trafford Wheeler’s Session! This a great session to build confidence and improve motor skills  for the children…and staff, what ever the elements!!

Trafford Wheelers on PhotoPeach


Friday Rosary Group



Year 4 Tasty Tudors & Shrieking Science

The children in Year 4 have been studying the Tudors and investigating sound.

In their topic lessons they have been looking at what kind of diet people would have had, if they were a rich or poor Tudor!

In science, the children took part in an experiment investigating how the pitch of sound can be affected.

Well Done Year 4!



Year 3 Class Mass

A huge thanks to Father, who this morning held the Year 3 Class Mass. The service marked the start of the children’s Sacramental Programme, a journey which consists of a series of meetings and celebrations for parents and children. In preparation for receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.



Year Two had a great afternoon on Tuesday when they brought their bikes and scooters to school! No it wasn’t a year group treat … but a science lesson!

In their ‘HEALTHY ME!’ science topic, the children were exploring how exercise helps them to be healthy. They also thought about which body parts were being exercised – both inside and outside of the body. Can you tell from the photos which body parts they were exercising?

A fun afternoon and a fun science lesson!

Well done Year 2 superstars!

Year 2 Science Lesson on PhotoPeach